Egzamin Ustny Matura 2012

Angielski | 19.10.2011 (16:41)


1. Uzupełnij brakujące wyrazy

Independent Schools offer better education and facilities.
Firstly, I think that Independent schools   to be smaller so I guess the students get more   from the teacher.
What's more, it is often   that Independent schools have better teachers with better qualifications and indeedthe facilities are much better.
Independent schools have more money to spend on equipment and   .
However, the cost for some families is too high so the are   to send their children to an Independent school.
Also, the schools   to be a lot smaller and often have only single sex students.
I think this   the studentssocial   which is an important part of learning.
Attending a school abroad can enhance your future career.
  it is true that studying abroad can enhance your future career.
You can   a lot of experience bybeing in another country and   you can pick up new   and learn a new language.
This is very   for your personal development and will be extremely attractive to future employers.
Also living away from home will help you gain more idependence.
IT and business studies are more imortant for students'development than PE.
I agree that in this modern age IT and business studies are more important.
If you   the range of jobsavailable when you leave school, the   of them will be based around these things.
It is important for students to learn how to use a computer, how to uses various programs and also what the world of business is about.
  during these difficult economic times, we need young people who will be   to help in the future.
P.E, apart from keeping us fit is not really that   .
Achievement comes mainly from motivation.
I think this is true.
If you want something, you need to have the motivation to get it.
Motivated students work hard, they do their homework, they study for exams.
In the end they get thebest   .
The same can be   for example about athletes.
They want to be the best, they want to achieve their best andso they train everyday.
They go to the gym and eat healthy food.
Without motivation people are lazy, and laziness never   anything