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Poziom 4 | 28.02.2011 (19:23)
Dear Jacob,

Today, I met a firefighter!  I visited the local fire station with my class from school, and we were told about the tools that are used to put out fires.  

I learned that ladders often help firefighters climb up to tall areas that they could not reach themselves, such as the attics of buildings.  Ladders also help as a second form of egress from burning buildings. 

Hoses are also very helpful to firefighters.  They are easily folded, so they are compact and easy to carry.  Hoses help firefighters spray water onto areas that are too high or too hot for them to approach, like ceilings and rooftops.  

I also learned about the protective clothing that firefighters wear to keep cool from the hot fires.  They wear special coats, gloves, boots, and helmets.  Their clothing might be the most important tools the firefighters use because they keep the firefighters safe from the fire.

Small tools help firefighters, too.  Axes help break down wood and glass, and wedges hold open windows and doors.  Most of the small tools are self-explanatory.

One of my favorite tools that firefighters use is the radio.  It allows them to communicate and learn about the fire before they arrive at the fire.

If the tools are deployed correctly, they are very useful to the firefighters.  I hope that you get the opportunity to visit the fire station soon, because I enjoyed our class trip to learn about their tools.  

I hope to hear back from you soon.

Your friend,